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Nancy Roy offers a wide range of services in notarial law, even in the evening or in the comfort of your home.

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Droit des affaires

Business Services

Benefit from healthy shareholder relations with our help.

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New Property?

Our real estate law professionals will answer your questions.

Consultation à domicile

Home Consultation

Our notaries can visit you in order to serve you better.


L’étude Nancy Roy Notaire has been working with clients for several years now, mainly in the fields of real estate law and human and family law. Whether you wish to celebrate a marriage, prepare your will or protect the incapacitated, do not hesitate to contact L’étude Nancy Roy Notaire and her team for legal services in Quebec City adapted to your needs.

Trusted Partners

You will need to consult a notary at virtually every important stage of your life, you may as well choose experienced professionals whom you can trust and who will always be there for you. Nancy Roy and Aurélie Lamontagne, competent notaries, are your partners at every stage, from the purchase of a property to the planning of your estate. Honest and available, they enjoy an excellent reputation in the region.

Home Services

If you are unable to travel, our notaries can come to your home without any problem. In addition, we can offer evening consultations in order to serve you better. These unique services in the Quebec City area demonstrate the great availability of Ms. Roy and Ms. Lamontagne and the extent to which they take the well-being of their clients to heart.


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