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Expertise, Professionalism, Humanity

Ms. Nancy Roy offers a wide range of services in notarial law, even in the evening or in the comfort of your home.


1305 Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Suite 500,

Quebec, QC G2K 2E4

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Available in the evening, by appointment


At your service for many years now, Ms. Nancy Roy, notary, works mainly in the fields of property law and personal and family law. Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, prepare your will or protect the incapacitated, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Roy and her team in Quebec for legal services adapted to your needs.


Our professionalism, our expertise and our human touch enable us to help you better.

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Partners You Can Trust

You will need to consult a notary at virtually every important stage of your life: you might as well choose experienced professionals whom you can trust and who will always be there for you. Nancy Roy and Aurélie Lamontagne, competent notaries, are your partners at every stage, from the purchase of a property to estate planning. Honest and readily available, they enjoy an excellent reputation in the region.

Home Services

If you are unable to travel, our notaries can come to your home without any problem. In addition, we can offer evening consultations to serve you better. These unique services in the Quebec City area demonstrate the great availability of Ms. Roy and Ms. Lamontagne and the extent to which they take their clients' well-being to heart.

Frequently asked questions about notaries

The Nancy Roy Notaire study, a notary firm in Quebec, shares with you information on the profession of notary and on the impact of a notary in the success of your legal procedures.Contact us to speak to our professional team.

What is a notary and what role does he play?

Lawyer, advisor to individuals and businesses, public officer, the notary's primary role is to ensure the authentication of legal documents and to help you make informed choices in different areas. Marriage transfer, will, marriage contract, contract of sale or acquisition of real estate, the notary acts as a mediator and an executor of legal texts while ensuring the complete satisfaction of the parties concerned.

How can a notary help us with legal procedures?

Depending on their specialty, the notary takes on different roles with a company or an individual. He can play the role of advisor, curator of authenticated documents such as contracts, a will, and many others. The notary can be responsible for managing the assets of an individual and securing legal relationships between different parties. 

How does the notary establish his fees?

The notary is not constrained by a price scale ordered by the Chamber of Notaries. The notary firm has the latitude to define their fees according to the complexity and difficulty of the case. However, the Code of Ethics of Notaries, which regulates fees, stipulates that fees must be fair and reasonable, based on certain predefined criteria. You must therefore refer to your notary to have a clear idea of his fees, taxes and costs of completing the file. In the event of changes in prices, the notary must inform his clients in order to provide them with a detailed invoice.  

What are the areas of expertise of a notary?

The field of expertise of notaries is vast. He works in the family field, the business field, inheritances and wills, heritage, real estate, construction and town planning. You can count on the skills of notaries to resolve your problems in accordance with the law. 

Between a notary and a lawyer, which advisor should you choose?

The notary and the lawyer are legal professionals who have the same university training which allows them to work in the field of business law. The notary is responsible for designing and drafting documents relating to the field of law which governs businesses and individuals. On the other hand, the lawyer's mission is to defend his client in a commercial dispute. These two professions are complementary as is their experience in the field. Not all lawyers and notaries are specialized in business law. You must therefore check their qualifications beforehand.

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Need Help with Corporate Bookkeeping?

To help you meet the requirements of the law, call on Nancy Roy Notaire.

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Purchasing a New Home?

Nancy Roy Notaire facilitates the process.

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Planning to Adopt a Child?

Expand your family with the knowledge of all the rules and laws, let the professionals at Nancy Roy Notaire assist you.

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Draw up Your Will and Simplify the Settlement of Your Estate

Draw up your will in time to avoid any legal complications for you or your loved ones in the future.

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